Sunday, October 28, 2012

click these points of interest

here i have taken time to get good,clean links for the tools that i described before. these are the original spots, not hosts or mirrors. please feel free to check them before you click them. give a right click on each link, on your mouse, select from the menu to "copy link location", then take a quick second to right click your addressbar, select to "paste". you will see that my links are all good and lead you to where they go with out any B.S. these products are free and top of the line, safe and easy to use. if you have trouble, search at Youtube for video help.

to get C cleaner:

to get malwarebytes anti-malware

to get microsoft security essentials

to get windows defender offline tool

a very cool place for downloads,forums,chat,how-to and know-how

to get firefox

to check out firefox add-ons

a most excellent torrent site using magnet links